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Waiver, Orientation and Check-In Details

Steps To Complete Before Your First Visit

We are a largely unstaffed facility so it’s important to follow these instructions for access to The Block otherwise you risk not being able to enter until we fix your access issues.

Step 1. Purchase your entry method here.

Step 2. After you have purchased an entry method fill out the waiver. You must use the same name, email, and birthday provided at purchase. Avoid typos!

Step 3. Download the Allthenticator from the app store. Check your email for the link.

Step 4. Sign up for Allthenticate using the same email you used in the waiver. Avoid typos. Do not stop the signup process until you confirm your device with Allthenticate.

Detailed instructions on each step below.

Completing A Waiver

Every person must complete the waiver and orientation video to enter the facility. The door will not unlock unless you have a waiver on file. 

If you have already purchased a membership or entry method, you should have received a confirmation email from with a link to the waiver. You can also click the link here to access the waiver.

Important! Be sure to use the same name, birthday, and email address in the waiver as you did when purchasing the membership. Errors will create a duplicate account and you won’t be able to access the facility until we reconcile the two accounts.

If you still need to purchase a membership or pass, you can start by filling out the waiver

After you’ve completed the waiver you will receive an email from @hellocapitan with a link to create an account. Once logged into Capitan you can click the hamburger icon in the top right of the page and click ‘Membership and Passes’ in the drop-down menu to purchase a membership or pass.

Entry and Check-In with Allthenticate mobile app

Download Allthenticator mobile app

Before downloading the app be sure to fill out the waiver first. After you purchase a membership or pass you will receive two emails from The first is a confirmation email described above and the second is an email to download the Allthenticator app. Click on the link in the access email to download the Allthenticator app for iOS or Android.

Sign Up for Allthenticator

Important! Once you’ve started the signup process do not stop until you have confirmed your email with Allthenticate. You must use the same email you provided in the waiver. If there is a discrepancy or a typo, you won’t be able to access the facility when it is unstaffed until we reconcile the emails. 

Once Allthenticator is installed click the ‘Sign Up’ button to register your device. You must use the same email you provided when purchasing your membership. Choose a verification method. We recommend a pin.

If you delete the app and reinstall it at a later time, you will use the ‘Login’ button and provide the same information you used to initially sign up.

Allow Bluetooth for Allthenticator

You must enable Bluetooth for Allthenticator to work properly and to open the door. You do not need to allow Notifications or Location sharing to unlock the front door.

Confirm your email

You’ll be asked to confirm your email. Head to your email and click the ‘Confirm email address button’ in the body of the email.

Connecting to and opening the door

The app will ask you to pair a device (first image). On your first visit to The Block open the app. Allthenticator will find and connect to the door automatically without the need to pair. Once the door is connected via Bluetooth, the app will list ‘The Block’s front door’ with a lock icon (second image). Click the lock icon to unlock the door. The door will remain listed in the app for all future visits. Simply open the app and click the lock icon for access into The Block.


If the app has been set up correctly you should see the image below. The door will NOT open if you do not have a valid entry method, a waiver on file, or if you are trying to enter during a time when your pass does not allow access. Additionally, if you did not use the same email you provided in the waiver, or if there is a difference (typo) between the two emails, the door will not work until the emails are reconciled. Call or email us if the door does not open.

If your app says ‘Devices without access’ then you haven’t confirmed your email. Check your inbox for an email from Allthenticate which has a link to confirm your device.

If the Allthenticator app is displaying rotating green dots instead of the lock icon, close your app and toggle your Bluetooth off/on. Open the app again, and click on the unlock button once more. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, contact us at