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Our Philosophy

Climbing is a skill sport and coaching should primarily consist of in-person instruction on movement, mindset, and tactics. Working with climbers in person is the fastest way to identify and improve their deficiencies. 

The block climbing gym
training the block climbing reno

We help climbers progress faster.

At The Block, we provide a framework for you to reach your goals, instruction to develop your mental and technical skills, and easy-to-understand programming to develop your fitness attributes. 

We believe non-linear or block periodization is the most effective programming to keep interest and fun high–allowing for year-round performance at a high level. Improving at climbing need not be complicated, or unenjoyable. Getting better should be fun, particularly at a facility like ours that has great tools and a supportive environment.

Sean Haverstock

Sean has 16 years of climbing experience from V10 boulders to El Capitan free routes, and many hard single-pitch redpoints on various rock types and styles up to 5.14. He gathers information on each climbers goal(s), athletic, climbing and injury history, as well as current skill and strength levels to develop an effective plan. He quickly identifies weaknesses to overcome, while developing other facets of climbing performance in the background for continued improvement.

Here are some of the areas Sean can help:

  • Movement coaching
  • Mental and tactical coaching
  • Strength and climbing assessments
  • How to set and plan for your goals
  • Strength, conditioning, and mobility
  • Monthly programming. (Typically Non-Linear or Block periodized programs)