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Answers to common questions about The Block

Do I need to download an app to get inside the door?

To enter The Block, customers will enter the facility using a mobile app called Allthenticator. This is how you unlock the door and check into our facility. Every person must check-in even when the door is unlocked! Detailed instructions to set up Allthenticator are detailed here. Day pass users may use a hyperlink found in an after-purchase email to access the facility for the day if preferred.

What are your hours?

For members, punch, month, and week pass holders, the facility is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via the Allthenticator app.

For day pass users, the facility is available between 8am-8pm. We will expand these hours to 6am-10pm in the coming months.

I have never gone climbing before and don’t have any gear, can I climb at The Block?

Anyone is welcome to climb, train, and workout at The Block, but at this time, we do not offer rental equipment. Climbers are not allowed to use their street shoes on the climbing walls.

Is there roped climbing at The Block?

The Block is a bouldering and board climbing board facility. There is no roped climbing.

What is the kids climbing policy at The Block?

The Block’s summer staffing hours are Tuesday-Friday 9am- 4pm.

People under 18 are not permitted to climb outside of staffed hours unless they work with a coach affiliated with The Block.  (I.e. kids will have to stop climbing at 4pm during our summer staffing hours).

The only circumstance in which anyone under 18 can climb at The Block not in the presence of their parent/guardian is if they are working with a coach affiliated with The Block.

Everyone who enters or uses the equipment at The Block Climbing and Fitness, regardless of their age, must sign a liability waiver.  Our waiver can be found here.

Parents or legal guardians must fill out waivers for their children. Chaperones, babysitters, friends, or other family members cannot fill out waivers for people under 18.

Under no circumstances can anyone under 18 be inside The Block without adult supervision.

Kids under 12 years old are not allowed inside of The Block.  This is for their safety.

Everyone under 18 who will be climbing at The Block and their parent/guardian must complete an in-person orientation with The Block staff before climbing or using any of the equipment in the facility.

At this time people between the ages of 12 and 18 are allowed to climb at The Block under two circumstances:

  1. They are accompanied by a parent/guardian and are here during our designated staffing hours.
  2. They are working with a coach who is affiliated with The Block.

Kid Pricing

Passes and memberships MUST be purchased IN PERSON at The Block with the help of staff.

Monthly Recurring Membership: $80

Monthly Pre-pay: $120

Day Pass: $22

Are there any kids climbing teams at The Block?

At this time, there are no kids teams offered at The Block.

Does The Block provide coaching services?

Yes. The Block provides high-level coaching services for climbers of all abilities. Please visit the Coaching page for more information.

How do I register a request or complaint with The Block?

You can always email to provide feedback, suggestions, or complaints. If you prefer to stay anonymous, you can use the suggestion box.